Rotten Belles are creatures from Wyrd Games' Malifaux universe.

Description Edit

The Rotten Belles are the remains of Malifaux's streetwalkers, reanimated through necromantic soulstone use after Seamus has finished "improving" them; they invariably sport scars and exposed patches of flesh, although all retain an indefinable allure despite these horrific markings.

Essentially zombie hookers, the Belles still dress in the bright, flamboyant attire typical of early 20th century prostitutes in order to attract "clients," even in undeath. Once a target has succumbed to their dark charms, he is quickly torn apart by their grasping talons and snarling jaws.

History Edit


Seamus with one of his Belles

The very first Rotten Belles were created by Seamus after he took a liking to Madame Sybelle's Saloon, an establishment of ill repute, and in an orgy of violence took the entire staff as his undead minions in a single night.

Since then, Seamus has continued to add to his coterie of Belles as and when the opportunities arise.

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