Monster Manual 4e Roper

Ropers are vicious magical creatures from Dungeons & Dragons, having been a part of the game's menagerie of monsters since its inception. A type of earth elemental, ropers typically dwell underground and are often mistaken for naturally-occurring stalagmites. Some ropers are also known to dwell above ground and disguise themselves as dead tree trunks.

The insidious roper remains completely immobile until prey draws near. When the unsuspecting victim is close enough, the creature springs to life and entraps its prey using a multitude of rope-like tentacles. These appendages sap the victim of its strength and draw it towards the roper's fang-filled maw for consumption.

Despite their monstrous hunger and evil natures, ropers are intelligent and insightful creatures. In the time between feedings, they learn about their surrounding underworld and contemplate philosophy. Religious pilgrims sometimes brave the lair of a roper for a chance to learn the creature’s insight.

Abilities Edit

  • Darkvision - Ropers can see perfectly in darkness and low-light.
  • Weakness - The roper's tentacles can drain the strength of its victims.
  • Strands - Ropers can spit strands of sticky saliva to entrap potential prey.
  • Magical Resistance - Ropers have increased resistance to cold-based spells and are immune to electricity. They are, however, vulnerable to fire.

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