Rodan in Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla 2

Rodan (ラドン, Radon) is a giant pteranodon monster that first appeared in the film Rodan in 1956 and was later incorporated into the Godzilla series in 1964 in Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster.


Rodan looks like a giant pteranodon. He usually has burgundy-red to brown skin, but as Fire Rodan his skin turns bright red. Rodan has bony spikes on his chest and two to three spikes on the back of his head depending on the film. In the Showa era, Rodan is 50 meters tall with a 150 meter wingspan and weighs 15,000 tons. In Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla 2, Rodan is 70 meters tall with a 120 meter wingspan and weighs 16,000 tons. In Godzilla: Final Wars, Rodan is 100 meters tall with a 200 meter wingspan and weighs 30,000 tons.


Rodan was a pteranodon that survived the extinction of the dinosaurs and was heavily irradiated by nuclear materials, causing him to grow to gigantic size.


Showa EraEdit


Rodan's egg was unearthed by mining operations in a Japanese village. Radioactive materials in the mine caused Rodan's egg to grow to incredible size. Rodan hatched and fed on Meganulons living in the mine before flying away. Another female pteranodon similarly mutated by radioactivity awakened as well and flew to meet the male. Both Rodans arrived in Fukuoka and blew the city away with powerful wind gusts. The two Rodans went to nest at Mt. Aso in Kyushu Prefecture in Japan. The Self-Defense Forces devised a plan to cause the volcano to erupt, burying both Rodans in molten lava. Missiles were fired at the volcano, causing lava to flow from it. The Rodans tried to flee, but the female was wounded by a missile and plummeted into the lava below. Rather than escape without his mate, Rodan flew back into the lava to die with her. Both Rodans were buried in the lava and presumed dead.

Ghidorah, the Three-Headed MonsterEdit

The male Rodan survived the eruption and lay dormant under volcanic rock in Aso crater for eight years. Volcanic gases accumulated in the crater revived Rodan and he flew from the crater angrily. Rodan flew to Tokyo in rage, where he encountered Godzilla. Rodan challenged Godzilla, and the two monsters fought each other for days, eventually reaching the countryside near Mt. Fuji. The monsters were so preoccupied that they did not notice the arrival of the evil space dragon King Ghidorah. Mothra attempted to convince Godzilla and Rodan to join forces and help her fight Ghidorah, but the two refused, claiming they owed nothing to humanity. When Mothra tried to take on King Ghidorah by herself, she was mercilessly attacked. Godzilla and Rodan were moved by her courage and ended their fight to help her. Together, the three Earth monsters drove Ghidorah off.

Invasion of the Astro-MonsterEdit

Rodan took up residence in the side of a mountain and slept there until he was taken to Planet X by the Xiliens under the pretense of being used to fight off Monster Zero, a space monster terrorizing their planet. Rodan and Godzilla were set loose on the surface of Planet X, where they were attacked by Monster Zero, in actuality King Ghidorah. Rodan and Godzilla apparently defeated Ghidorah and he flew away. The Xiliens then placed both monsters under mind control and released them on Earth along with King Ghidorah, demanding the Earth to surrender to them. The humans managed to break the mind control, and Godzilla and Rodan teamed up once again against King Ghidorah. Rodan picked up Godzilla and flew them both into Ghidorah, knocking all three monsters into the ocean. King Ghidorah flew from the water and retreated to space again, while Godzilla and Rodan seemingly vanished.

Destroy All MonstersEdit

In the year 1999, Rodan was placed on Monsterland, a monster containment facility housing Godzilla, Mothra, Anguirus, Manda, Kumonga, Gorosaurus, Varan, and Minilla. Rodan and the other monsters were set loose from the island under mind control by the Kilaakian aliens. Rodan appeared first over Moscow, and later attacked Tokyo along with Godzilla, Mothra, and Manda. Rodan later was sent after the Moonlight SY-3 ship, but it managed to escape to space. Once the aliens' control over the monsters was broken, Rodan accompanied the other Earth monsters to Mt. Fuji, where they were attacked by King Ghidorah. Rodan only observed the battle, and after Ghidorah and the Kilaakian base were destroyed, he returned to Monsterland to live in peace.

Heisei EraEdit

Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla 2Edit

Rodan's egg was laid on Adonoa Island in the Bering Sea millions of years ago. Due to exposure to radioactive waste in the modern era, the egg grew to gigantic size and Rodan hatched. He discovered a Godzillasaurus egg in his nest and, believing it to be another pteranodon egg, looked after it like his own brother. Godzilla was attracted to the island by telepathic waves being transmitted from the egg and tried to claim the egg as his own so that he could raise the hatchling as his own son. Rodan attacked Godzilla, but was defeated by the larger and more powerful monster despite his speed advantage. Rodan was left lying on his back, bleeding from the mouth while G-Force escaped with the egg. Rodan eventually regained consciousness and became Fire Rodan, then flew to Japan in search of the egg, which had now hatched into BabyGodzilla. Rodan intercepted a helicopter carrying Baby in a canister, and carried the canister away. Rodan tried to break open the canister with his beak, but was attacked by Mechagodzilla 2 and the Garuda warship. Rodan used his new uranium heat beam on Mechagodzilla and damaged the Garuda with his chest spikes. Rodan then flew in close to Mechagodzilla and pecked out its right eye. Mechagodzilla retaliated by firing its deadly plasma grenade at Rodan, shredding through his chest and leaving a gaping bloody wound. Rodan fell back into a building and seemingly died. After Mechagodzilla crippled and seemingly killed Godzilla, BabyGodzilla burst free from the canister and roared desperately. Rodan was alerted to the infant's cries and looked upon him, realizing that the child was a member of Godzilla's species and not his own. Having made peace with the fact that Godzilla had the rightful claim to Baby, Rodan flew into the battle once more. Mechagodzilla shot down Rodan with his mega buster ray, and Rodan fell onto Godzilla's lifeless body. Rodan gave up his life force and transferred it into Godzilla, giving up his own life so that Baby could have a guardian to protect him. Rodan vanished and was no more, and Godzilla was completely revitalized thanks to his sacrifice.

Millennium EraEdit

Godzilla: Final WarsEdit

Under the control of the Xiliens, Rodan attacked New York City, causing tremendous damage. Rodan was suddenly taken away by the Xiliens, who pretended that they had stopped him. The Xiliens' true intentions to invade Earth were soon revealed, and Rodan was released upon the world along with several other monsters. Rodan joined up with Anguirus and King Caesar and tried to triple-team Godzilla. The three monsters were defeated and stacked on top of each other, unconscious.

Legendary EraEdit

Godzilla 2Edit

Rodan will be appearing in the film Godzilla 2 in 2018. The purpose and extent of his role is currently unknown.


  • Supersonic Flight - Rodan can fly at the speed of mach 3, and leaves windstorms and sonic booms in his wake.
  • Beak - Rodan's powerful beak is incredibly sharp and was even capable of destroying Mechagodzilla 2's eye.
  • Chest Spikes - Rodan possesses sharp bone spikes on his chest that he often employs when flying over opponents.
  • Wings - Rodan's large wings are very strong and can be used to punch opponents. Rodan can also create a sonic boom by clapping his wings together.
  • Resistance to Heat - Rodan has a natural affinity for extreme heat. He nests inside of active volcanoes and survived being buried in lava. Godzilla's atomic breath seems to not affect Rodan very much, as shown by when Rodan only shook his head in annoyance when Godzilla blasted him in the face at close range.
  • Uranium Heat Beam - After becoming Fire Rodan, Rodan can spit a red uranium heat beam from his mouth similar to Godzilla's atomic breath.
  • Telepathy - Rodan is able to communicate with BabyGodzilla telepathically and can detect when he is in danger or where he is.
  • Life Force - Rodan can give up his life force and transfer it to another being, revitalizing them and instilling them with his energy. This kills Rodan in the process.


Rodan has proved to be a physical match for Godzilla, and his speed and endurance far exceed most other giant monsters. Despite appearances, Rodan's bony chest plating appears to be a weak spot, demonstrated when Mechagodzilla 2's plasma grenade shredded right through it, mortally wounding Rodan.


Fire Rodan

Fire Rodan in Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla 2

Fire RodanEdit

After absorbing more radiation, Rodan can become Fire Rodan. In this form, Rodan's skin turns bright red and he gains the ability to fire a uranium heat beam from his mouth. Fire Rodan is also able to transfer his life force to other monsters, killing him in the process.

Trivia Edit

  • Rodan's Japanese name, Radon, is a contraction of the word "pteranodon." To avoid confusion with the element radon, he was given the name "Rodan" in English markets.
  • Rodan was Godzilla's first ever ally and is considered to be Godzilla's second-closest ally, behind Anguirus.
  • Following the confirmation that Rodan would appear in Godzilla 2, he became one of only three monsters besides Godzilla himself to appear in all four eras of Godzilla films, the others being Mothra and King Ghidorah.
  • Rodan was originally slated to appear in an early draft of Godzilla vs. Gigan called The Return of King Ghidorah, along with Varan and a new monster named Mogu. Rodan ultimately only made a brief cameo in the final film through stock footage from Destroy All Monsters.
  • In the Heisei series, Rodan's roar was reused for King Ghidorah and Battra.

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