Blue rocketbug

Rocketbugs are a type of Blue that appear in the Blue Gender anime series. Standing at 10 feet tall and nearly 20 feet in length, the Rocketbug is a Blue variant capable of flight. After consuming a large amount of food, this creature's metabolism breaks down the consumed matter at an alarming rate, producing large amounts of gas. The Rocketbug is so named because it expels the pressurized gas within its body with such force that it launches itself off the ground. After taking off, it then uses its insectoid wings to manoeuvre through the air.

During the Blue Apocalypse, Rocketbugs would propel themselves to the tops of skyscrapers and from there assault airborne vehicles by ramming them or grasping onto them, using their weight to pull the aircraft down. These Blue have larger cores than other Blue which can be clearly seen on their backs.

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