Robeast bat fish

Robeasts are giant bio-mechanical monsters that are a regular threat in the various Voltron series. They are living weapons of mass destruction sent by the Drule Empire to conquer other planets across the universe. Each Robeast has a unique form and ability set and they are typically created through a combination of science and magic. In the Voltron Lion Force series, King Zarkon selects different warriors and creatures from his gladiator arenas to be transformed into Robeasts. The new Robeasts are then deployed on to targeted planets by launching them inside giant coffins. Zarkon and his forces have never managed to build a Robeast capable of destroying Voltron yet and all of the Robeasts are usually killed off with one strike of Voltron's Blazing Sword.

List of Robeasts Edit

Voltron: Defender of the Universe Edit

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