Riptor Concept Art

Riptor is a genetically-engineered hybrid of reptilian and human DNA and a playable character in the original Killer Instinct video game, as well as its Xbox One sequel. Created by the sinister mega-conglomerate Ultratech, Riptor was designed to be a perfect living weapon, combining human intellect with pure animal ferocity.

History Edit

Another of Ultratech's miraculously realized concepts: a crossbreed of human and reptilian DNA, resulting in a creature that combines formidable intelligence with sheer brute strength. Nurtured from the egg by a dedicated Ultratech professor and her team, the beast nicknamed 'Riptor' by others has barely reached 4 years of age before it first demonstrates its full savage power in a human kill. Riptor is confused and often finds itself torn between human reasoning and predatory instincts, resorting to attack when it fails to understand the situation, as ever more people find out the hard way.

Appearance Edit

Ki riptor mov

Riptor is a human/raptor hybrid, having the basic appearance of a velociraptor but with much larger arms, a humanoid muscle mass in the chest area, and broken shackles hanging from its wrists. The colour of its scales changes depending on its renders and in-game appearance, ranging from primarily orange with black stripes not unlike a tiger, to green scales around its back and tail to orange scales on the underside of its body.

In Killer Instinct (2013), Riptor's appearance was changed. Its muscle mass is distributed in a more reptilian and less humanoid manner, giving it a smaller chest and thinner arms. Its eyes are slightly larger and its head less pointed, and three flimsy spikes protrude from the back of its head. However, the biggest change by far are the cybernetic components. Metal bionics run down Riptor's back and down to the end of its tail, and its claws have been given blue energy enhancements. In place of its signature shackles are metal plates. The hexagonal patterns along its body slowly fade in an and out from light blue to black, and bar codes and the UltraTech logo are tattooed in several places. Its tail can now separate into several linked units to stretch out and attack.

Signature Moves Edit

  • Jump Rake - Like the raptors of yore, Riptor can charge and leap at his opponent, quickly rending them to pieces with his claws.
  • Flaming Venom - Riptor can spit flaming acid at enemies.
  • Rampage - Riptor charges and unleashes a flurry of violent blows.

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