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Poltergeist Rip Lines
Rip Lines
Universe Many universes
Homeworld Many worlds
Habitat none
Size 1.00 (normal)
oval sized (on Elmo Says BOO! only)
Diet N/A
Language doesn't speak
Sapience Level none
Hand Type {{{hand-type}}}
Subspecies none

Rip lines are CGI graphic torn paper effect monsters similar to ghosts but they vibrate when a monster starts snarling. While vibrating, these monsters could scare a player during video games. These appear in many TV shows/Video Games/Movies including the higher rated movies such as PG, PG-13, R and A. For example, on Elmo Says BOO!, Frazzle's emotions on the song causes these to vibrate even though they are transition objects.

Names in other Languages

Language Name Meaning
JapaneseリップラインRip Lines
EnglishRip Lines
SpanishRasgar LíneasRip Lines
FrenchRip Lines
GermanRip LinienRip Lines
Greekσκίζω ΓραμμέςRip Lines
ItalianRip Lines

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