Rikuo (known in Japan as Aulbath) is a sea-dwelling merman and a recurring playable in Capcom's Darkstalkers fighting game series. He is the ruler of an underwater kingdom that migrated from the Amazon to the Atlantic Ocean.

History Edit

Deep beneath the Amazon lay a kingdom of the 30,000 merfolk. One day, the peaceful aquatic empire was shattered by a tremendous earthquake and volcanic eruption. The Emperor and hero, Rikuo, was the lone survivor. His home destroyed, he was filled with rage and upon discovering that Pyron was responsible, he vowed to destroy him. Upon meeting another survivor, Aqueria, he settled down with her to start a family and rebuild his empire. Together they moved out of the Amazon into the great ocean to raise their three sons and 12 unhatched eggs.

Rikuo and his family reside in an oceanic crevice, 150 m (492 ft) deep. The current of the ocean doesn't make its way into the area and is a perfect location to protect their eggs from danger. His current job is to search for any other survivors of his kingdom. He searches in a radius of 200 km (124.27 miles) for any other surviving Mermen. Though close to his home is a deep oceanic trench and a fast ocean current runs through it. If Rikuo fell into the trench, even he couldn't swim against the strong current. And the deepest he could search was 1000 m (0.62 miles) deep.

It was a endless search but Rikuo believed that other mermen had survived. Ever since he and his family had moved to this sea, although very faint, he had sensed the life of something similar to his own race. As days pass, his search for his fellow merman increases in area and the time he spends with his family decreases. During one of his searches, one of his sons, Alba disappears. He ponders to himself about how one could defend a kingdom if he cannot protect his own family. Believing that his son was sucked into the Majigen, Rikuo heads his way into Jedah's realm. But when the powers of Makai start to fade, the dark sea of Sargasso was opened and Rikuo found his son along with a new race of mermen. The two families now help to build the civilization of the sea.

Abilities/Special Moves Edit

  • Sonic Wave
  • Poison Breath
  • Screw Shot
  • Crystal Lancer
  • Gem's Anger
  • Aqua Spread

Trivia Edit

  • Rikuo's design was based on the Gill-man from the 1954 horror film Creature From The Black Lagoon.

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