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Rhan-Tegoth is a Great Old One who features in H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos.

Description Edit

Measuring around fifteen feet from head to toe, Rhan-Tegoth is an amphibious creature with a globular thorax, three eyes and six limbs. Each of these limbs terminates in a claw which resembles that of a crab, and is covered in what at first glance appears to be hair, but which is in fact a multitude of tiny tentacles. It is said to be a creature of little power, although by the immense standards of the Great Old Ones this is most assuredly a relative thing, and Rhan-Tegoth is still vastly more powerful than any human may imagine.

History Edit

Originating on Yuggoth, Rhan-Tegoth spent its early years trawling the ocean depths of that cold world. Travelling to Earth around three million years ago, for a while it made an area of Alaska its home where it was worshiped by the cannibalistic Gnophkeh, before dropping into a millennia-long torpor.

In the year of 1926, Rhan-Tegoth's body was found by a man named George Rogers, a wax museum owner who specialised in grotesque and disturbing sculptures, who passed the being's body off as one of his exhibits. Rogers slowly began to lose his mind to the insidious influence of the Great Old One, and started to make sacrifices to it. Rhan-Tegoth eventually killed Rogers, and thereafter went missing for a time.

Rhan-Tegoth was sighted in Sheffield, England in the 1980s and then again in the United States in the 1990s, but its current whereabouts are unknown.

Family Edit

Appearances Edit

  • The Horror in the Museum (1932), by H.P. Lovecraft and Hazel Heald.

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