The Reptile

The Reptile was a creature who appeared in John Gillings' 1966 movie The Reptile.

Description Edit

Anna Franklyn was a young woman who was turned into a bloodthirsty reptilian creature when cursed by the Snake People of Borneo. This vicious - and poisonous - human/snake hybrid had the physical posture of a human, standing bipedally on two hind legs. Franklyn, however, had developed some reptilian tendencies as well; the Reptile shedded it's scaly skin every winter and had the ability to inject highly toxic venom via it's fangs.

Background Edit

The Reptile had a talent for playing the sitar, which helped lure men into her domain. Her bite was very deadly and her poison was fatal to humans, so any bites from her had to be cured immediately if there were to be any hopes of survival. Other powers of this lethal reptile included super-human strength and speed and snake-like agility, thus making this femme-fatale one to be truly feared.

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