Razorspine Rattlers are creatures which appear in Wyrd Games Malifaux universe.

Description Edit

Enormous, serpentine coils of flesh and sinew, Razorspine Rattlers are a fairly common predator in Malifaux's swamps and bayous. They resemble nothing more than gigantic, spiked Earthside Cobras.

A Rattlers' favourite form of attack is to wait submerged in marshy ground, then, when an unwary traveller happens along, springs from its' hiding spot, employing it's spiny body like a circular saw to bring down its prey. Indeed, Razorspines have been known to bisect humans using this method of attack.

When actively hunting, Rattlers can also use their venomous bite to great effect. These critters' poison is a powerful necrotoxin capable of felling even the mightiest of beasts, and Rattlers are capable of injecting massive amounts of this venom in a single bite. It is said by the locals that it is not the poison that kills a man, but rather the swelling and subsequent explosion from the horrific side effects.

Usage Edit

Rattlers may be employed by any Arcanist soulstone user, but are most commonly found by the sides of the more feral ones, such as Marcus and Myranda.

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