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He is a Novacula and he loves blood. If you are unlucky enough to be one of his victims you will be tormented and toyed with until you are alone. once alone he will jump out and vicously rip you to shreds with his large knife like claws.

His origins are unknown and if any other novaculas exist.

He is also nicknamed The Nightstalker.

The Nightstalker book is said to reveal his and his species origin.


He has no known abilities except he can speak engish and has razor sharp claws hence his name.

He possibly has teleportation powers as in nightmares he appears he always appears out of nowhere.


  • He is able to speak english while also having his own communication system.
  • His species is unknown but has been named Novacula Ungues meaning novacula razor and ungues claws.
  • He is the only known Novacula.
  • Novaculas are only known to attack when you are alone.
  • A book titled "Razor The Nightstalker"  is to be wrote and posted online.
  • Some people belive he is the missing link

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