Rattata is a Normal-type Pokémon that is commonly seen in the fields of Kanto and Johto. This rodent Pokémon has red eyes and its fur is mostly purple with cream white running over its belly, mouth and paws.

Pokédex Data Edit

The fangs of Rattata are constantly growing and so it must continuously gnaw on things to whittle them down and maintain a suitable length. It is capable of eating virtually anything and can be found in most habitats. See one Rattata in any area and there are bound to be forty or more around. They reproduce quickly and are very common around the Kanto and Johto regions. Rattata are also known for being very cautious creatures. Whether awake or asleep, their ears are always listening for potential dangers. When threatened, they will strike quickly and suddenly by biting enemies.

Alolan Variant Edit


The Rattata of Alola differ significantly from the Rattata found in other regions. The Alolan Rattata is a Normal/Dark-type Pokémon with black and brown-gray fur with noticeable messy tufts on its ears and tail. It is mostly active at night, gnawing its way into human homes to steal food which it brings back to its nest.

Abilities Edit

  • Bite - A painful bite attack that has a chance of making the opponent flinch.
  • Quick Attack - Rattata charges the enemy with blinding speed.
  • Focus Energy - Rattata concentrates fiercely in preparation for a critical hit.
  • Pursuit - Rattata chases after a fleeing enemy to finish them off.

Evolution Edit

Rattata evolves into Raticate at Level 20. The Alolan variant of Rattata also evolves at Level 20, but will only evolve at night.

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