Raticate is a Normal-type Pokémon and the evolved form of Rattata. It is larger than Rattata and capable of standing on its hind legs. Its body is covered with golden brown fur with cream-coloured fur running down its face and belly. Its most distinguishing feature is its teeth which it constantly gnashes together to keep them from growing too long.

Pokédex Data Edit

Raticate's fangs are constantly growing and so it whittles them down by gnashing them together or gnawing on solid materials. Supposedly, Raticate can gnaw through steel girders.

Raticate's whiskers are necessary for it to maintain its balance. If cut off, Raticate will become unable to run without falling over.

Its hind feet are webbed and allow it to swim in order to hunt for food. Raticate are omnivorous and will eat just about anything.

Alolan Variant Edit


The Alolan variant of Raticate is significantly different from those found in other regions. This variant is a Normal/Dark-type Pokémon with black fur rather than light brown, with dirty brown patches on its belly and in its ears. It also has very chubby cheeks and red eyes. These traits have been attributed to the difference in diet between the standard and Alolan Raticate. The Alolan Raticate has a distinct palette, preferring the highest quality foods that Rattata brings back to the nest.

Abilities Edit

  • Scary Face - Raticate intimidates its foe with a scary expression, damaging their speed stat by essentially paralyzing them with fear.
  • Super Fang - A vicious bite that can take down half the enemy's HP. It is even capable of affecting Ghost-type Pokémon despite being a Normal-type attack.
  • Crunch - Raticate gnaws on its opponent for massive damage.
  • Endeavour - An immaculate move that reduces the enemy's HP to equal the user's HP. If the user already has greater HP than the enemy, this move will fail.

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