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The Rainbüster is a common type of monster which terms the rainbow from every St. Patrick's Day every year. When he was given that honor, this creature's name came from the words "rainbow" and "buster" revamping three monsters such as The Boogeyman, The Chupacabra, and The Seed Eater.

The LegendEdit

The first Rainbüster attack was reported in July 7th, 1903. When two men were in the search of the rainbow, they would hear their clothes being torn apart by an unknown beast with two rainbow horns, rainbow claws and a rainbow tummy. When they saw the beast, they started to run for their lives. But the unknown creature was on the hunt for them. Just as the two men grabbed the pot of gold, boy were they unlucky. They were both eaten by the beast identified as: The Rainbüster. Two years later, some christians at a nearby church of London would sentence this prayment: On the September 02, of 2014, The Rainbüster will rise and be the rainbow's guardian. The only one who defeats the Rainbüster will be re-claimed The Rainbow Hero.


He appears to be tall with grey skin, two satan-like rainbow horns, two huge hands with very sharp rainbow claws, two 2 inch medium feet with rainbow claws as well, resembling a short tail, the creature has stripely rainbow spots on the back. He has two emerald blue eyes, green teeth and a rainbow tummy.

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