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The Raccoon City Underground Laboratory was a secret Umbrella research facility located beneath Raccoon City. First appearing in Resident Evil 2, this laboratory became Umbrella's primary centre for viral research following the assassination of the company's co-founder James Marcus. The facility was managed by Dr. William Birkin before he injected himself with the G-virus, beginning a chain of events that would lead to the destruction of Raccoon City.

During the Raccoon Disaster, William's wife Annette Birkin assumed control of the lab complex. Of course, all of her staff had been infected with the T-virus so she was left to run the lab on her own, keeping watch on the various creatures and survivors roaming the city and the facility's outer levels via the monitor room. While she locked herself away from the mutations and B.O.W.'s that were running loose, Annette worked on developing a vaccine for the G-virus, believing that her mutated husband might come back for her or go after their daughter Sherry.

Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield would run into each other inside the laboratory, fighting their way through hordes of zombies and monsters in search of a vaccine for little Sherry, who had been infected by her father. After a confrontation with both Birkin and a Tyrant T-103, Leon and Claire were able to procure a vaccine and administer it to Sherry. Annette, having been mortally wounded by William, activated the complex's self-destruct sequence. Leon, Claire and Sherry were able to escape aboard an emergency train before the lab was destroyed.


The Raccoon Underground Laboratory was home to the following monsters.