The Q are a race of godlike omnipotent beings that appear in the Star Trek franchise. Existing outside of the material universe, they inhabited a plane of reality known as the Q Continuum. The Q race has supposedly always existed, even before the creation of the universe as humans understand it, though apparently they were not always omnipotent and evolved to their current state over a period of eons.

The Q possess vast powers that other life-forms could only imagine commanding. They seem to wield limitless control over space, matter, time and energy, exhibiting such fantastic abilities as teleportation, time travel, shape-shifting and fabricating matter - including living things - out of nothing. With their immense powers, the Q consider themselves to be the highest form of life in existence. However, this has caused most of the Q to develop an apathetic attitude towards other forms of life and even the universe as a whole.

Individuals Edit

All members of the Q Continuum are individually referred to as Q, though some members of their race stand out from the others, having significantly affected the history of the Q and made a noteworthy impression among various denizens of the Milky Way galaxy. Such individuals are listed below.

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