Argus pyramid

The Pyramid of Argus is an arena featured in the fighting game Mortal Kombat: Armageddon. This ancient structure was created by the deity Argus, the Protector of the realm of Edenia, and located in a deep crater within the Edenian Southlands. It is here that the Battle of Armageddon takes place and the many kombatants from across the realms fight to claim the godlike power of the fire elemental Blaze.

Overview Edit

Created by the Edenian god, Argus, as the final battleground and the Elder Gods' safe guard should Armageddon occur, this pyramid rises forth when one of Argus' sons falls in battle. The triumphant son of Argus then steps through a nearby portal, instantly teleporting them to the top of the pyramid to confront the fire elemental Blaze.

Downstairs, all Kombatants (possibly fifty to sixty) wage war against one another in an epic conflict of good versus evil and eventually race to the top to gain the power promised should anyone defeat Blaze. Once Blaze is defeated, the vanquisher gains the immense power contained within Blaze, essentially gaining god-like power.

Though anyone can obtain this power, Argus meant for only the stronger of his two sons to gain this power and stop Armageddon.

Should Blaze emerge victorious however... existence itself will end.

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