Putties are humanoid golem creatures that appeared in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV series. Made from some form of space-clay and animated by Finster's monster-machine, the Putty Patrol served as Rita Repulsa's standard infantry.

Appearance and Behaviour Edit

The standard Putty has a humanoid shape and its body is completely gray. Its hands, feet and face appear to be made of drier, harder clay and the face is utterly devoid of expression.

Putties are neither particularly strong or intelligent. When in battle, they make awkward and unsettling movements to intimidate their foes and they will fight hand-to-hand; they almost never use weapons. Putties also make bizarre vocalisations that sounds like nonsensical babbling and blubbering (much like how one would sound if trying to talk underwater). They are incapable of any other form of speech.

Usage Edit

In most Power Rangers episodes, Rita Repulsa would typically send out a group of Putties to attack the Power Rangers before sending in her monster of the week. Putties only fight hand-to-hand and are shown to be highly inept, being defeated by the Rangers easily and often before they morph into their power suits.

Variants Edit

Other types of Putties have appeared in the Power Rangers show which have been listed below.

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