The Puker is a type of Necromorph introduced in Dead Space 2. Created from a single human corpse, this creature's torso has been ripped wide open, revealing its lungs which now store a caustic yellow fluid. This acid is constantly overflowing out of the Puker's mouth, dissolving much of the skin tissue. The creature's fingers have fused into a set of claws, three on each hand. Its original legs have entwined around each other and serve as a single limb; the Puker has a new right leg formed out of its intestines and the nerve and muscle tissue from its mid-section.

As the name suggests, the Puker will attack living prey by expelling its corrosive bile upon them. This bile can cause metal to rust and swiftly eats through flesh. The Puker can launch globs of bile or spew it in streams; it will often try to grab victims and vomit directly into the victim's mouth, melting its prey from the inside out. Like most Necromorphs, Pukers must be dismembered in order to kill them; however, it is advisable to dispatch Pukers from a distance as their acid will spray from their stumps when their limbs are severed.

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