MMPR Pudgy Pig

Pudgy Pig was a pig-based monster created by Finster in the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers episode "Food Fight". Its whole body consisted of a pig's head with arms and legs and wore a knight's helmet. He was extremely ravenous and would eat just about anything unless it was spicy.

History Edit

In the MMPR episode "Food Fight"Rita Repulsa sent Pudgy Pig down to Earth in order to devour the entire planet's food supply. Pudgy Pig began his gluttonous rampage by disrupting a food festival at the Angel Grove Youth Center, eating everything in sight. When the Power Rangers tried to stop him, Pudgy ate their Power Weapons.

During Pudgy's rampage, the Rangers noticed that the monster seemed to dislike spicy food. They tricked Pudgy into eating a sandwich containing a spicy vegetable which caused him to regurgitate everything it had eaten. The Power Rangers then seized back their weapons and formed the Power Blaster, using it to destroy Pudgy Pig.

Abilities Edit

  • Monstrous Appetite - Pudgy Pig is constantly hungry and will eat virtually anything. He breathes in with the force of a vortex and inhales massive quantities of food. He cannot stomach spicy foods which cause him to regurgitate everything he has eaten.
  • Weapons - Pudgy Pig fights with an oversized knife and fork.

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