Psycho Jenny Amon

Psycho Jenny is a demon from Go Nagai's Devilman franchise. She appears marginally human but her head is grossly oversized and hides the rest of her body, save her arms and legs. She is a trusted servant of the demon king Satan and joins her master when he personally leads the forces of Hell to war against mankind.

Powers and abilities

Psychic - Psycho Jenny possesses powerful psychic abilities, capable of dominating the minds of humans. She can also project energy blasts from her hands and constantly levitates.

Reality Shifting - Psycho Jenny can punch holes in the fabric of reality and teleport herself anywhere she chooses instantly. She can even phase out of the physical plane and become intangible.

Time Manipulation - Aside from God and Satan, Psycho Jenny is the only being who was aware of the temporal loop that God had trapped the demons in, and it was through her that Satan and the demonic legions were able to escape.