A Primordial Magic, in it's constant state of flux.

Primordial Magics are creatures from Wyrd Games' Malifaux universe.

Description Edit

Intrinsically connected to the birth of the world of Malifaux, the monstrous Primordial Magics represent a sliver of the life energy and creation forces of that blighted place. Called forth by their Neverborn masters using ancient blood rituals, these constantly-changing spirits provide the age-old inhabitants of Malifaux with reservoirs of arcane energies, as well as with yet another way to extent their insidious touch across the continents of this strange world.

History Edit

The masters of the Neverborn have utilised Primordial Magics since before the dawn of time; indeed, these strange beasts provide their lords and ladies with a cherished link to the a time when their corrupted world was still young and free from the taint of humans.

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