Pregnant DS2

Pregnants are a variety of Necromorph from the Dead Space video games. They closely resemble the common Slasher Necromorphs, but have large, swollen stomachs and move slower.

Biology Edit

The Pregnant looks similar to the Slasher, but with some distinct differences: the arms are longer with thicker blades and the stomach is horribly distended. Within the Pregnant's body are several Swarmers: tiny Necromorphs that will crawl all over prey and envelop them. If a Pregnant is shot in the body, its stomach will rupture and the Swarmers inside will be released to attack the nearest prey. This can be avoided by severing the Pregnant's limbs, the standard method for stopping most Necromorphs.

Behaviour Edit

Like Slashers, Pregnants will relentlessly pursue Isaac when he enters their range and will attack with their scythe-arms. Due to the added weight within their bodies, they cannot move very fast. If a Pregnant is struck in the stomach, its belly will rupture and release Swarmers. Also, if its stomach is ruptured or its legs are severed, the Pregnant will continue to pursue by using its arms to crawl forward.

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