The Popokarimu is a large bat-based B.O.W. created by TRICELL. Appearing in Resident Evil 5, this monster appears to have been produced by splicing the genes of a bat and an insect. It has a bat's head and body with four winged limbs and a large, swollen insectoid thorax for a tail. Several small insect legs are attached to the tail and the body is covered with numerous white pustules.

Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar of the BSAA encounter two of these creatures (or possibly the same creature twice) during the Kijuju Incident, once in the Mining Area and again in the Caves. When on the ground, the Popokarimu attacks by slashing at prey with its forelimbs and by biting. In the air, it will use the pincers on the end of its tail to grasp victims. The creature's tail can spew a thick, sticky substance that can immobilise prey, but knives can be used to cut the stuff away in order to free oneself quicker.

The Popokarimu's weak spot is the soft underside of its tail. It can be difficult to take aim at this spot since the creature always moves to face its prey, but planted explosives like mines can be used to stun the monster and leave its weak point exposed. Shotguns, Magnums and rapid-fire weapons do the most damage.