Poltergeists are creatures from Wyrd Games' Malifaux universe.

Description Edit

Created using the magic of soulstones and the dark rites of the Neverborn, the ethereal Woes known as Poltergeists usually appear as large, swirling, humanoid clouds, although being spirits they may take many forms. Unlike many of Malifaux's malicious spirits, Poltergeists are capable of many minor telekinetic feats, such as opening and closing doors, moving small objects around at will, and even creating mini-tornadoes from the dust and debris that smothers much of the city's abandoned property. In addition, those who conjure a Poltergeist may use the entity as a focus to cast their own magic, enabling them to work their powers from great distances.

History Edit

The signature totem of master Pandora, Poltergeists are nevertheless utilised by many of the original inhabitants of Malifaux. While nowhere near as powerful as the majority of other minions available to a Neverborn soulstone user, canny masters will use Poltergeists to distract an opponent while other minions carry out the real wetwork.

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