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Pikachu: The most famous Pokemon of all

Palmer Dragonite

An example of a Pokemon that is shaped like a Fraggle.

Translated from Japanese to English as "Pocket Monsters," the Pokemon are one of the most recognizable monsters in modern history. Originating as the work of Satoshi Tajiri in 1996, Pokemon began as an RPG on the Game Boy, and soon became a worldwide craze, spawning a Trading Card Game, an Anime, and several more generations of games, all of which are active to this day.

In the Pokemon world, these monsters roam the world, similar to wild animals (regardless of what they are shaped like but they can either be similar in design to a Fraggle, Digimon, Moshi Monster, Alien, Transformer or any kind beyond the creatures that Pokemon can be shaped like), perferring to hide in tall grass, mountains, caves or bodies of water among other places. If they come across a human, they viciously attack. For this reason, the humans, referred to as "trainers" have developed a method of capturing Pokemon in handheld capsules called "Pokeballs," which allow the trainer to command the Pokemon to do his or her bidding, which includes defending the trainer from other pokemon.

The most skilled trainers in the Pokemon world are an elite group of ten-year olds, which act as the protagonists of the games, but it is perfectly viable for adults to excel at the art of training pokemon as well. Pokemon come in an enormous amount of varieties, differing from being electric themed to water dwelling to having an affinity with fire, ice, rock or and even ghosts. At first, there were thought to be only either 150 or 151 Pokmeon in the world, but this number soon jumped with the release of Pokemon Gold and Silver, the second release of the games. This trend continued with each new generation, and it is likely that as long as Pokemon remains popular, which it probably will, more Pokemon are sure to appear in the future.

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