Piranhacus Giganticus is a breed of giant-sized Piranha Plant encountered in a handful of Super Mario games. They behave in a similar manner to their smaller cousins, but they are bigger and, in some cases, stronger.

Appearances Edit

Super Mario Bros. 3 Edit

In their first appearance, Piranhacus Gigantici turned up in Giant Land. They were exactly the same as normal Piranha Plants, except bigger, and could be defeated in the same ways: a single hit from a fireball (Fire Flower), raccoon tail (Super Leaf) or hammer (Hammer Bro Suit).

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Edit

In this game, the Gigantici appeared in the Supermassive Galaxy and were more of an obstacle than an enemy. Emerging from giant pipes, these were the largest specimens Mario has ever encountered and could not be defeated by any ability in Mario's arsenal.

New Super Mario Bros. U Edit

The Piranhacus Gigantici in this game are slightly smaller than in Galaxy 2 and once more they are vulnerable to certain attacks. They can be defeated with fireballs, though it takes three shots instead of just one.

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