Pidgey is a Small Bird Pokémon of the Normal and Flying types. It is among the most common varieties of Pokémon in the world and can be found in just about any temperate zone.

Pokédex Data

Pidgey is one of the most common types of Pokémon in the world and frequents meadows and forests. Often, it will be the first Pokémon a trainer will catch in the wild. They are gentle creatures by nature and easy to capture.

Pidgeys are noted to have an excellent sense of direction and can find their way back to their nests no matter how far they fly from home. They are timid and do not like to fight, so when threatened they will rapidly beat their wings to kick up dust clouds that will distract their attackers, allowing them to escape.

Special Abilities

  • Tackle - A basic, full-body physical attack.
  • Gust - Pidgey kicks up a breeze that will knock down weaker opponents.
  • Sand Attack - Pidgey flaps its wings to blow dust in its opponent's eyes, blinding them.
  • Quick Attack - A speedy tackle attack that usually hits first.


Pidgey evolves into Pidgeotto at Level 18.