Pidgeotto is a Flying-type Pokémon initially discovered in the Kanto region. It is the evolved form of Pidgey and can be found typically in forests or plains, though it is not as common as its pre-evolved counterpart.

Pokédex Data

Pidgeotto is easy to distinguish from Pidgey due to its lighter plumage and greater size; it also sports a crest of pink feathers atop its head. A territorial Pokémon, Pidgeotto claim vast areas of up to a 60-mile radius as their hunting grounds and are known to prey on CaterpieExeggcute and Magikarp. Its vision is super-acute, making it very difficult for prey to hide from. If its nest is threatened, it will relentlessly peck at any intruder.

Special Abilities

  • Peck - A basic attack shared by all beaked Pokémon.
  • Whirlwind - Pidgeotto kicks up a powerful wind to blow enemies away.
  • Feather Dance - Scatters down to reduce an enemy's attack stat.
  • Wing Attack - Pidgeotto spreads its wings and charges the enemy.


Pidgeotto evolves into Pidgeot at Level 36.