Phazon Elite

The Phazon Elite, also known as Elite Pirate Alpha, is one of four mini-bosses in the Phazon Mines in Metroid Prime.

Samus Aran fought and killed it during her mission on Tallon IV, in the Elite Research room of the Phazon Mines. It guarded one of two Chozo Artifacts found in the Mines, the Artifact of Warrior, which Samus needed to open the Impact Crater. Unlike the Elite and Omega Pirates, the Phazon Elite does not wield a Plasma Artillery Cannon, but still has the Energy Siphon used by all Elite Pirates, as well as the Wave Quake Generators. The Phazon Elite appears to be infused with Phazon to a further extent than any other Elite Pirate, with sickly Phazon plates and veins all over its body.

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