Example of plantom (Flatwood monster of Plantom of flatwood

Phantoms are a malevolent race of spirits closely related to (and possibly desended from) ghosts.


Phantoms are created by dark places.They will spawn and thrive in dungeons, abandoned churches, graveyards, etc..  They cannot take over places to haunt; and therefore they never leave their haunts (unless they lost them; in which case they will move to the next available haunt).

They are invisible to humans, but are humanoid in shape.  They are corpreal (which makes them vulnerable) and can be killed by holy objects.  However; they can teleport, which (combined with their invisiblity and stealth) makes them very dangerous.

Society and CultureEdit

Phantoms are social creatures.  The more phantoms there are, the more phantoms will spawn; so they live together in hordes.  They protect their haunts like hornets, and kill for pleasure.  They are adept at stealth.  Combining skill with their invisibility and inaudibile teleportation; they are almost never detected until it's to late.

When phantoms are forced to leave their haunts; they usually move to places haunted by ghosts.  There is a mutualistic symbiotic relationship between ghosts and phantoms where; the ghosts allow the phantoms to stay with them, and the phantoms defend the haunt.  Also, when there are enough phantoms and ghosts in the same haunt; the haunt becomes a gateway between to worlds, allowing shades to move over into this world.  When there are ghosts, phantoms, and shades in the same haunt at the same time, two things will happen; 1 Poltergeists are created.  2 They have the ability to expand their haunts.  

They do not expand outward (as that would attract spirit hunters), but rather open up a chain of haunts (so to speak).  Sometimes there can be a series of interlinked haunts spanning a county by the time someone takes notice.  When this happens; it is extremely difficult and dangerous for them to clean it up.  The only people phantoms fear are spirit hunters (and the more ghosts, shades, and poltergeists they have on their side; the less the phantoms fear them).

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