Phane - Kevin Yan & Izzy Medrano

Phanes are a type of Abomination from the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game. These creatures are immortal magical beasts and possess the ability to manipulate time itself. Chaotic and destructive, phanes are nonetheless non-evil in nature. Occasionally, phanes form pacts with powerful mortals who share their goals. Like most immortals, phanes are most commonly found on the Astral Plane but they tend to wander the planes as they wish, hunting for prey in the spaces between moments.

Physical characteristics Edit

A phane resembles a cloud of black mist in form, although phanes often coalesce into a more solid-appearing shape. Above the torso, phanes typically have a humanoid shape while below they more closely resemble a panther or other wild cat. However, at no single time does the shape of a phane remain constant and it appears to constantly be in transformation, the air rippling around it as they move about.

Abilities Edit

Phanes are capable of flight, which they use, along with their agile land speed, to evade foes in a battle and while on the ground or in the air they travel roughly twice as fast as a dwarf. When on the aggressive, phanes often use an ability known as wizening ray to daze their target. They can also use their control over time to slow down an enemy’s subjective time, moving in between the moments to strike or, in the case of wizening tempest stop it completely for a brief moment.

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