Pandora is a character from Wyrd Games' Malifaux universe.

Description Edit

One of the many Neverborn who can assume a human form to walk unnoticed in the company of humans, Pandora's real appearance is known only to the Neverborn. The face she shows to the human world, however, is that of a beautiful, flame-haired young woman. She is rarely seen without her trademark box.

History Edit

Along with Lilith and Zoraida, Pandora is part of the ruling trinity of the Neverborn; the Maid, the Mother and the Crone, of which she is the Maid.

All Neverborn are committed to driving humanity from Malifaux forever, and Pandora is no exception. While going about her dark business on the streets of Malifaux, she uses her box to summon various Woes to plague mankind. These Woes take many shapes and forms, from the innocent and child-like Candy and Baby Kade to the monstrous, ethereal Poltergeist. Each Woe has a different application and modus operandi, but they all share one trait: they are anathema to the human race, and once Pandora unleashes them on the unsuspecting populace, death and destruction are assured.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Pandora, like many of her Woes, possesses the power to spread misery and despair wherever she goes; indeed, her very voice seems to bring out the most wretched emotions in men.

In addition, Pandora is an expert in the art of manipulating the magics of Soulstones for a variety of effects, including but not limited to, boosting the power of nearby Woes, teleportation, and causing hallucinations.

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