Panadyne is an artillery-class Hyper-Zoanoid, one of the first Hyper-Zoanoids that Cronos ever created. Developed at Relic's Point, Panadyne was appointed the task of eliminating Sho Fukamachi - Guyver-I - after the destruction of Cronos Japan. Panadyne battled the Guyver within a suburban neighbourhood, resulting in a number of innocents being injured and massive property damage. Panadyne was wounded during the battle and ordered to retreat by Richard Guyot who was attacked by Guyver-III at the Makishima residence. Panadyne arrived at the mansion to defend the commander, but was killed by Guyver-III.


  • Agility - Panadyne proved to be an extremely nimble combatant.
  • Whips - The two segmented tentacles protruding from Panadyne's back end in razor-sharp stingers which can easily pierce opponents and rend them to pieces.
  • Chemical Weaponry - Panadyne is capable of generating a number of deadly chemical compounds within his body which can be expelled from the organic nozzles attached to his shoulders. The only substance he has openly demonstrated using, however, is a binary liquid explosive. He launches globs of two different chemical fluids that react explosively when combined. Gaster of the Hyper-Zoanoid Team Five could also produce and use these fluids himself.
  • Fur - Panadyne's fur is coated with a special oil that stops his bio-chemical explosives from adhering to him.