Otis and Clay were a character who appeared in Clive Barker's 1990 fantasy-horror movie Nightbreed.

Description Edit

Otherwise a seemingly-normal human being, Otis and Clay possess a head with a large bifurcation which runs down the centre, presumably denoting the two separate individuals which inhabit their body. They dress in tattered clothing of a style favoured by respectable gentlemen of the mid-twentieth century.

History Edit

When confronted by the works of magic realist writer Otis Upmann, renowned literary critic Nicholas Clay wrote of his offerings "A fiction of profligacy, that seeks to drown the reader in purposeless invention." Not one to take such denigration lying down, Upmann responded with his masterpiece The Cycle (1955), the story of which involved a reductionist critic being killed and reincarnated six times, with each new existence being more mundane than the previous. The culmination of this plot was the books' subject being ultimately reborn as a full stop at the end of a novel named The Cycle. Predictably, the book's final full stop was missing.

Later, a researcher from the BBC, keen to write a piece on these two warring personalities, uncovered the fact that the two actually shared the same body, a discovery which finally drove Otis and Clay into the dark folds of Midian.

What happened to this unusual being after the Sons of the Free attacked and destroyed Midian is unknown.

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