Orochi Hellbeast

The Orochi Hellbeast is a large demonic creature that was featured in Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks within the Soul Tombs and the Foundry. Also, the 5th level of Endurance mode requires the player to face three Orochi Hellbeasts, one after another.

Overview Edit

This monster has a horned visage and the skin on its sharp clawed arms and legs have the appearance of molten rock. The Orochi Hellbeast is capable of shooting out flames from its mouth and is able to immolate itself in fire to damage enemies nearby. The Hellbeast can use its claws to stab fighters that are fighting alongside it and throw them at its enemies or toss them aside like they were nothing. While playable via game altering device, the game will freeze if the player chooses to play with the Orochi Hellbeast.

Abilities Edit

  • Paw Punch: A simple punch that sends the player flying.
  • Fast Fire: The Orochi Hellbeast breaths fire at his opponents.
  • Self Immolation: A defensive move that causes the Orochi Hellbeast to set itself on fire making it untouchable, if the player gets to close to it this move can cause damage, so the only way to keep attacking is from afar. The Orochi Hellbeast normally does this move to break long combos from the player. This attack does not damage the Orochi Hellbeast.
  • Long Fire: The Orochi Hellbeast stands on one knee and breathes fire. Although this is the Orochi Hellbeast's most powerful attack, it leaves it defenseless on its back.
  • Eating: By eating beings that surround it, the Orochi Hellbeast can regenerate its health. He can eat only non-boss characters.

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