A general appearance of an Orismer female and male as seen in Skyrim

The Orismer are a race of orcs from Bethesda Studios "The Elder Scrolls" franchise.

The Elder ScrollsEdit

The Orismer, commonly known as Orcs, are considered to be barbarian people to other races of Tamriel.  They hail from Orinium and are actually a form of Mer or Elf, hense Orismer meaning "pariah ones".  They are the second tallest race in all Tamriel just after the High Elves, and are one of the most physically strong sentient races of The Elder Scrolls series.  

The Orcs live within various strongholds that are scattered throughout the northern province, Skyrim.  These serve as a tribal community where Orcs live, fight and breed.  Culturely speaking, Orcs are somewhat barbaric as it is uncommon for a member of their species to Survive up into old age, not because of a naturally short lifespan but rather due to their habbit of killing each other while "They are still able to fight".  It is not uncommon for an Orc of middle age to seek a Good death if he has not reached the level of Stronghold leader. 

As far as companionship goes, only those of high status within any given Hold are considered eligble for marriage or companionship of any kind.  In a sense to pass on the "Strongest gene" to the next generation.  


Orismer are usually either light green or dark brown and any color in between.  They have a muscular build compared to that of most Elves or even most Men for that matter.  They tend to seclude themselves away from other races (Humans, Elves and Beastfolk) and live together in segregated strongholds throughout Skyrim.  Little is known about their life in Orinium as there has yet to be a chapter discusing their homeland. As far as appearances go, Orcs are not the most visually pleasing of any race. 

They possess two tusk which rise from their lower jaw, and a gruff and tough exterior to match everywhere else on their body. They are apparently stronger than most any other Sentient race as they are the Masters of Heavy Armor and it's use, which is unlike most Elves who specialize in magic and light armor.

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