The Orc is a type of creature available to the Keeper in Dungeon Keeper. It is similar in appearance to the Troll, but has purple skin and carries a shield and a larger hammer. Orcs are dedicated, stalwart soldiers and will gladly give their lives in defence of the Dungeon. They can also be quite handy at manufacturing traps in the workshop.

Abilities Edit

  • Melee - Orcs will bludgeon heroes to death with their hefty warhammers.
  • Speed - At Level 5, orcs gain a spell that lets them accelerate so that they can reach the sight of a battle faster.
  • Armour - At Level 7, orcs can reinforce themselves with defensive magic and take less damage.
  • Grenade - A magical projectile that resembles a green demon head. Only orcs that reach Level 9 can use this attack.

Likes Edit

  • Training - Orcs live for battle and so when there is no one to fight they will ready themselves for inevitable conflict in the Training Room.
  • Guard Duty - When an orc isn't training, it will happily stand ready upon a Guard Post and keep watch for intruders.

Dislikes Edit

Orcs are model minions and have no specific dislikes.

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