240px-Ooze scan
Ooze is a hideous B.O.W. that appears in Resident Evil: Revelations. These shambling, zombie-like creatures are created when human beings are infected with T-Abyss, a T-virus variant used by bioterrorist organisation Il Veltro.



Due to the marine nature of T-Abyss, humans infected with the virus develop certain traits shared by various forms of ocean life. The subject's flesh turns moist and spongy, the muscle tissue becomes much more malleable and the skeleton softens until it becomes flexible. The infectees' heads alter to sport a set of lobster-like mandibles and the eyes shrivel away, forcing the Ooze to rely on smell to track prey. A slit appears in the infectees' necks, from which a large, tube-shaped tongue will emerge. Ooze use these bizarre organs to drain blood from their prey.


With their soft, malleable bodies, Ooze are capable of easily navigating through tight, enclosed spaces that humans would be unable to traverse. Their pliant bodies are also capable of dampening physical impacts, allowing them a significant degree of resilience to small arms fire. Ooze are driven to seek out warm-blooded creatures and feed on the body's fluids. When they encounter prey, they will attack by swiping with their clawed hands to weaken it. An Ooze will feed by tilting back its head and allowing its tubular tongue to emerge from its esophagus and latch onto prey with its many tiny fangs, draining their blood.


There are four different types of Ooze; the above information describes all the traits of standard Ooze, but the other three variants each possess a unique ability.

  • Pincer - Ooze that possess long, claw-like arms. These arms are folded like razor blades and extend when attacking. They can incapacitate victims, rendering them unable to move or attack with anything other than a handgun. They, like the standard Ooze, can also grab prey and drain their blood.
  • Chunk - Ooze that resemble a balloonish lump of meat that has residual hands and legs. Their only method of attack is to explode violently which occurs when they are close to an enemy or killed.
  • Tricorne - Ooze that shoot bones as if they are bullets. Their arms end in anchor-shaped bone formations which they can launch at enemies.