Once-Dead King

The Once-Dead King is a legend. He is said to be a powerful, bloodthirsty beast with the face of a corpse. He kills mercilessly and eats the hearts of his victims.

He may also be the inspiration for many legends such as the Grim Reaper and the Draugr.


He is immortal, and said to have the ability to bring back the dead. He is also invulnerable and appears as a black rotted corpse with black eyes. He also possesses the ability to influence people and communicate telepathically.


There was once a mighty king, but he grew deathly ill. He called upon all the greatest physicians he could find, but none could cure him. In one last effort, he made a deal with the devil. Ten more years on Earth in exchange for his soul.

The king ruled for ten more years, but when his time was up he could not bear to go to Hell, so he ran. The devil could not find him, so he cursed the king. The king would never die, but have to walk the Earth forever as a monster. 


There have been poems written about the Once-Dead King, such as this one by W. Edgar Taft

From sweet Hell, 

To the hall of the Once-Dead King,

I march to war,

And face the horror,

All for the Once_dead King,

You tear me apart,

And create this bloody art,

In the name of the Once-Dead King,

From sweet Hell,

To the hall of the Once-Dead King.

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