Elite Pirate Upsilon, also known as the Omega Pirate, was intended to be a masterpiece of Space Pirate military innovation. This Elite Pirate was the final result of Project Helix, an ambitious project to produce the ultimate soldier by bonding Phazon with Space Pirate genes. This monster fought against Samus Aran in Metroid Prime.

Overview Edit

The Omega Pirate development process was a huge success: the chosen Pirate subject possessed an unusually high tolerance to Phazon radiation and the mutations it experienced all proved to be beneficial with no symptoms of Phazon madness recorded.

The Omega Pirate's armour was capable of repelling most beam weapon fire and it was also equipped with an energy-siphon device for absorbing beam attacks of a higher yield. The absorbed energy could then be used to enhance the Omega's own weapons, its wave-quake generator that created lethal shockwaves, and the twin plasma shell launchers on its back.

The most remarkable defensive capabilities of the Omega Pirate were its chameleon manta which allowed it to cloak itself, and also its ability to regenerate injuries by applying Phazon to its wounds. A notable drawback to its cloaking ability, however, was that the Omega Pirate's other defensive systems were inactive while the cloak was in use.

Samus Aran fought against the Omega Pirate within the Phazon Mines of Tallon IV, primarily attacking with concussive missiles and Super Missiles which could not be affected by the Omega's energy-siphon. These weapons could shatter the Phazite armour plates protecting the Omega Pirate, which would then cloak so that it could hide while healing itself. However, Samus could use her suit's X-ray visor to target the Omega Pirate even when it was cloaked, allowing her to press her attack. In the end, the Omega Pirate was unable to counter Samus' tactics and was defeated. Also, in its death throes, the Omega collapsed on top of Samus and bled pure Phazon into her suit, turning it into a Phazon Suit.

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