Oceanus, also known as the Father of Waters, is the divine personification of the all-encompassing Great Ocean in Greek mythology.

He is a great freshwater sea that encircled the whole inhabited Earth beyond the east and west, and fed all the worlds rivers through subterranean scources. As a god and a member of the Titans, Oceanus is the son of Ouranos (Heaven) and Gaia (Earth), the two primeval deities. He is the father of the Oceanids, sea nymphs, and is a great, mainly benevolent cosmic force, essential for maintaining the Earth's natural life by renewing the rivers and streams.


As an immortal god, Oceanus is a supreme being of magical powers.

  • Able to control the weather and sea, possibly with powers of the sea superior to those of Poseidon due to his nature as a Titan.
  • Oceanus can control lightning and earthquakes to a degree.
  • Able to transform into water and add water to his mass to transform into a giant to increase his strength and stamina or to make himself look mortal with modern human attire.
  • He and his clothing or personal items cannot get wet or water-damaged even when submerged in water, unless he so wishes.
  • He is unaffected by extreme temperatures and pressure.
  • His eyes are heat-sensitive in the water.
  • He can teleport anywhere via a whirlpool of water.

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