RE4 Novistador
Novistadores (Spanish for "the unseen") are semi-humanoid insect-based bio-organic weapons that appear in Resident Evil 4. These monstrous bugs were created by the terrorist cult Los Illuminados through experimentation with Plaga DNA and human test subjects. Leon S. Kennedy encountered two varieties of these creatures in Castle Salazar during his mission to rescue Ashley Graham.


Novistadores are humanoid in the sense that they have only four limbs, but the human similarities end there. The rest of their forms are entirely insectoid. The head consists of four glowing eyes and a gaping set of mandibles. Each of its limbs ends in three razor-sharp claws that can easily rend human flesh. The creatures can also discharge a highly corrosive acid from their mouths that can strip a human body of flesh in seconds.

Two types of Novistador exist that each possess an ability unique to their type. While both types have wings, only one is capable of sustained flight. The other type of Novistador, known as the "stealth type", is capable of camoflaging itself and becoming almost completely invisible. There are signs that can give a camoflaged Novistador away, however; its glowing eyes cannot be hidden and the creature nearly always drools acid from its mandibles. A slight distortion or bending of scenery can reveal a Novistador's location, also.


Novistadores are vulnerable to most conventional weapons, with shotguns and rapid-fire weapons being the most effective.