ZN noskov
Noskov is a Hyper-Zoanoid that has only appeared in the 2005 Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor TV series and in one of the more obscure manga novels. In the anime, he is partnered with fellow Hyper-Zoanoid Myumelzee and the pair are ordered by Richard Guyot to attack Sho Fukamachi. Both Noskov and Myumelzee possessed sonic emitters that they used in tandem to generate a soundless bubble around the Guyver, preventing him from hearing anything and leaving him vulnerable to sneak attacks. However, Sho would escape the null-sound when he discovered the Guyver's Sonic Buster weapon, which he used to disintegrate Myumelzee. Noskov lost an arm from the Guyver's attack and attempted to abduct the nearby Mizuki Segawa - Sho's love interest - to use as a hostage. As Noskov attempted to contact Chronos Japan for reinforcements, he was ambushed by Guyver-III (whose true identity was not yet known). Guyver-III used his hand to impale Noskov in the back, killing him.