Nitara is a character from the Mortal Kombat video game series, first appearing in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance. A member of a race of vampires known as the Moroi, Nitara's homerealm of Vaeturnus was conquered by the maniacal warlord Shao Kahn and merged with the dark realm of Outworld. Nitara attempted to restore her world to its former glory when the Outworld emperor's power was weakened following his failed invasion of Earthrealm.

During Deadly Alliance, Nitara's existence and activities were mostly unnoticed and she remained neutral during the conflict between the Deadly Alliance and Raiden's chosen warriors, caring only for saving her own world and not becoming involved in the struggles of others. She did, however, see fit to manipulate certain individuals into assisting her, most notably the Saurian Reptile and the cyborg ninja Cyrax. She used Reptile to grab Cyrax's attention by sending him to attack the cyber-ninja, then she stepped in to help Cyrax so that she could get him on her side. With his portal projector tech damaged, Cyrax had no means of getting back to Earthrealm, but Nitara possessed a magical gemstone that could create portals between realms and promised to send Cyrax home if he assisted her.

Nitara and Cyrax ventured into a volcanic cavern where a magical orb rested beneath a pool of magma. The orb was responsible for maintaining the fusion between Outworld and Vaeturnus and its destruction would separate the two realms, but Nitara was unable to retrieve it. Cyrax's reinforced machine body allowed him to withstand the temperatures of the magma and retrieve the orb, which he delivered to Nitara. Nitara held up her end of the bargain and conjured up a portal to send Cyrax back to Earthrealm. She then fulfilled her own quest and shattered the orb binding her homerealm to Outworld, restoring Vaeturnus and its people to their former state.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Flight - Nitara's wings allow her to fly.
  • Portal Crystal - The crystal tied around Nitara's neck allows her to temporarily travel to other realms in order to feed.
  • Vampirism - As a vampire, Nitara requires the blood of other beings in order to survive.
  • Unicorn Kick - Nitara flips forwards and kicks the opponent.
  • Blood Spit - Nitara spits a glob of blood at her opponent.

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