Nipper Plant

Nipper Plants (also known as Walking Piranhas or Chompweeds) are a subspecies of Piranha Plant. They are infantile Piranha Plants with large white heads atop small green, leaved stalks. They have appeared in multiple installments of the Super Mario game series, beginning with Super Mario Bros. 3 on the NES.

Overview Edit

Nipper Plants are infant Piranha Plants that have large white heads and no teeth. In some of their appearances they have small black eyes, but in other games they have no eyes at all. They typically walk around a stage and jump up and down if Mario approached them, hoping to bite him if he attempted to jump over them. Unable to jump on them, Mario would require Fire Flowers, Power Stars or a raccoon tail/Tanuki Suit to defeat Nippers. Yoshi was capable of jumping on Nipper Plants in Yoshi's Island and could also eat them.

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