The Netherrealm is a dark, forbidding realm of reality within the Mortal Kombat universe and is essentially the franchise's equivalent of Hell. The souls of mortals who committed evil actions are condemned to this infernal plane where they undergo neverending torment and suffering for their transgressions in life. In fact, it is impossible for mortals who are untainted by evil to enter the Netherrealm. Beings which are magically inclined can enter the Netherrealm, but their powers weaken the longer they remain within this dimension's negative environment.


The Netherrealm's environment is much like humans' classic depiction of Hell, a nightmarish and barren landscape filled with rivers of lava and the air is noxious and sulphuric. However, only a very small part of the Netherrealm has been mapped: the dimension is literally infinite in size and cannot be fully explored, not that anyone would want to try.

Known Locations

  • Shinnok's Spire - A foreboding black tower where the fallen Elder God Shinnok resides. From here, Shinnok rules over all of the Netherrealm.
  • Sea of Immortality - A strange body of water in an otherwise arid realm.
  • Pyramid of Shinnok - A cryptic structure that hovers above the Sea of Immortality. The pyramid serves as a monument to Shinnok's victory over the Netherrealm's former ruler Lucifer.
  • Prison of Souls - An unholy structure where the souls of the damned are locked away for perpetual torture.
  • Nekros - An ancient city built by sorcerers as a source of protection against not only the hostile evil environment which drains life energies from the living, but also against the bloodthirsty Onis and the putrid zombies whom they all considered as primitive and savage.
  • Quan Chi's Fortress - Quan Chi's lair is a grand castle resting atop a floating mountain. Here, the wicked sorcerer practices obscene arcane rituals and carries out necromantic rites to transform the dead into revenant servants. Within the fortress is a vast library of magical texts as well as a number of artefacts that Quan Chi has collected from across the realms.