Nest2 DS2

The Nest is a type of immobile Necromorph that appears in Dead Space 2 and 3. It is formed from a female host and at least one other body fused back to back, with three fleshy, bulbous "arms" having sprouted from the shoulders of the bodies; the lower sections of its constituent bodies are fused into a mass of flesh which serves to anchor the Nest to a surface.

Nests are found solely in zero-gravity environments and serve to block access to different areas. They are found fused to areas saturated with the Corruption (an expanse of necrotic flesh that grows and spreads over time) or within the bodies of larger Necromorphs such as the Nexus.

When living subjects enter a Nest domain, the Nest will emerge from its lower mass of flesh and attack by launching glowing red pods in the prey's direction. These organic pods are volatile and explode on impact. The Nest will spawn a volley of pods in intervals of approximately five seconds and will attack continuously until it is either destroyed or its target ventures too close. If a target gets within two meters of it, the Nest will retreat into its lower mass and become shielded from attack. The only way to kill it is by attacking the glowing yellow pustules on the ends of its arms. Destroying all of these swellings will kill the Nest for sure.

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