Nemacyst full

Nemacysts are flying creatures spawned by Seeders in the Gears of War video games. Appearing as bulbous arthropods that fly via an unknown method, these creatures serve as living artillery for the Locust. Once expelled from a Seeder, Nemacysts will make a beeline for the nearest enemy units and violently explode upon impact, destroying themselves and the target.

When not being used as mortars, Nemacysts are also very effective at running interference. As they fly, they release gaseous ink that interferes with COG radio transmissions and hampers satellite communications, thus preventing COG forces from using the Hammer of Dawn orbital laser platforms. The ink they release also blocks the rays of Sera's sun and a thick-enough veil of ink will allow the Kryll to emerge and hunt before night-time.

While agile and destructive, Nemacysts have minimal armour and can be destroyed easily with little firepower.

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